Saturday, June 10

Ingeteam launches a Control System for Hybridising different Renewable Energy plants

Ingeteam has designed and manufactured the first units of its new control system for hybridising renewable energy plants with different generation technologies. This new system, which is currently under certification process in accordance with the Spanish NTS standard, will soon be installed in the province of Cuenca to hybridise two wind farms with two photovoltaic plants, which will in turn be equipped with Ingeteam photovoltaic inverters.

This new solution, called INGECON SUN Multi-Plant Controller, is designed to help the Grid Operator to manage the operation of several generation plants simultaneously, guaranteeing the stability and control of the electricity supply of the renewable hub at the point of connection. It has an advanced control algorithm that runs at a speed that allows it to comply with the most demanding Grid Codes in the world, including a damping capacity for voltage oscillations and can also monitor all the hub information through a SCADA.

This system allows the hybridisation of wind farms with photovoltaic plants, wind farms with battery systems, and the combination of the three technologies: wind farms with photovoltaic plants and battery systems.

Ingeteam already has 11 GVA controlled through its PPC (Power Plant Controller) for photovoltaic plants and battery energy storage systems, and in a year’s time will have approximately 5 more GVA.


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