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Since its first publication in 2014, Smart Energy magazine has evolved with the changing dynamics of the industry and has emerged as one of the leading knowledge platform for leaders and professionals from clean energy and e-mobility industry. Smart Energy provides in-depth coverage from the key solar, renewable energy and emerging electric vehicle, charging infrastructure and green hydrogen industry. The magazine also covers related technologies like battery, energy storage, and digital transformation and product developments across the value chain.

Today leading companies in the Clean Energy and E-mobility industry rely on Smart Energy Magazine for getting information and regular updates from the industry. Our multi-channel approach of print, digital, e-newsletter, highly engaging live and digital interactions, webinars and events gives the leaders and professionals from the clean energy & e-mobility industry an opportunity to boost their brands and engage with their customers in a wide range of markets.


Smart Energy, a publication released bimonthly, offers a comprehensive platform accessible in both print and digital formats, ensuring an unparalleled national and international reach. The print edition boasts a widespread readership across India and is additionally disseminated at various national and international events, catering to visiting dignitaries and leaders, all provided at no cost. Each edition is a reservoir of the latest updates in news, technology, and policy reviews.

Beyond this, every issue features captivating content, including cover stories, special features, focused articles, in-depth analyses, case studies, and product updates. What sets Smart Energy apart is its commitment to providing business insights from key leaders and prominent figures within the industry and government, presented in the form of Q&A interviews. This holistic approach extends to a 360-degree coverage of topics pertaining to clean energy, encapsulating solar, renewable energy, electric vehicles, green hydrogen, charging infrastructure, and battery technology. As a result, Smart Energy stands as a singular magazine offering an all-encompassing perspective across the entire spectrum of industries assocated with clean and green energy.


In the realm of rapid communication and reader engagement, newsletters have emerged as the quickest and most convenient means of delivering news. They represent an evolving method of packaging and disseminating information. While our bimonthly magazine delves into comprehensive coverage and critical analysis of industry-relevant topics, our weekly newsletter ensures leaders stay abreast of the latest updates conveniently.

At Smart Energy, we curate a weekly newsletter summarizing significant events from the clean energy and e-mobility industry in the preceding week. Our editorial team analyzes major news, condensing them into concise 50-word summaries. Readers interested in more details can access the complete news through provided links.

With a subscriber base, consistently expanding, and which include leaders, directors, managers, and pivotal decision-makers within the industry, Smart Energy’s newsletter boasts a broad readership, reaching audiences on an international scale. Consequently, our newsletter offers advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their products and services to a diverse and influential audience.

Events & Webinars:

Events propel business growth, serving as potent tools to explore new markets, engage customers, connect with influencers, and establish partnerships. Smart Energy orchestrates meticulously curated events under the banner of SolarGenX, focusing on pivotal topics within the industry. To date, we have successfully hosted over 12 conferences on rooftop solar across diverse locations in India, each drawing over 100 leaders and key decision-makers from the industry.

In a remarkably short period, SolarGenX has become the premier and essential gathering for leaders and key decision-makers in the clean energy industry.

Webinars gained prominence during the COVID-induced lockdown, with major companies shifting their marketing activities to online platforms. Post-COVID, webinars continue to be significant for business marketing and promotion due to their cost-effectiveness, convenience, and expansive reach. Over the past three years, Smart Energy has been at the forefront of organizing webinars on various topics, totaling more than 50 sessions. Each webinar sees an average participation of over 200 individuals, providing partner businesses with a cost-effective means to expand their reach to untapped geographies.

Skill Development:

In today’s rapidly evolving and dynamic world, characterized by a constant demand for upskilling to ensure future growth, Smart Energy has taken proactive steps to organize diverse skill development and upgradation training programs for professionals within the clean energy and e-mobility industry. Whether focusing on technical, business, or soft skills, we comprehensively cover all facets. To date, we have successfully equipped over 500 professionals with essential knowledge and expertise required for their day-to-day responsibilities.

Our skill development programs are meticulously crafted, addressing the industry’s specific needs, and are developed in collaboration with seasoned professionals from the field. We extend invitations to industry experts to lead these training programs, offering participants firsthand insights into tackling the daily challenges they encounter in their professional lives.

At Smart Energy, we are committed to ensuring that our skill development initiatives evolve in alignment with the industry’s requirements. We consistently update and develop new modules, providing professionals with a dynamic platform to enhance their skills, foster growth, and explore new opportunities in their respective fields.


In a recent expansion of our communication platforms, Smart Energy has embraced podcasting as a powerful medium for connecting business leaders with their audience. The Smart Energy podcast stands as a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of the clean energy and e-mobility industry. Each episode serves as a dynamic platform where we engage influential figures, including business leaders and government officials, in insightful discussions about the latest developments within the industry.

Our podcast episodes provide a unique opportunity for listeners to gain valuable insights directly from the forefront of the sector. We delve into the latest happenings, allowing business leaders to share updates about their companies and discuss future growth plans. By facilitating these conversations, Smart Energy’s podcast not only keeps the audience well-informed about industry trends but also fosters a deeper understanding of the strategies and visions that drive the clean energy and e-mobility sectors forward.

With our commitment to delivering high-quality content, the Smart Energy podcast serves as an invaluable resource for professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone keen on staying abreast of the cutting-edge advancements within the dynamic realms of clean energy and e-mobility. As we continue to expand our podcasting initiatives, we look forward to further bridging the gap between industry leaders and their audience, fostering a more informed and connected community.

Smart Energy Magazine with its various platforms has emerged as  a multifaceted and indispensable hub for communication, branding, and advertising needs within the business community. Explore our various platforms to elevate your brand, connect with industry experts, and stay at the forefront of innovation and growth. Smart Energy – Your Gateway to Excellence in the Clean Energy and E-Mobility Industry. For details contact