Tuesday, July 16

Su-vastika launches Lithium-ion based Electronic Genset

Clean energy solutions are the priority of every Govt, and Su-vastika has always strived to make it happen. Su-vastika is a Government of India Recognized Star Export House in Gurugram, India. The company has recently announced the launch of its Electronic Genset, which is dubbed “Power on Wheels.” 

It is a pollution-free and much more cost-effective replacement for traditional diesel generators.

The company has installed its electronic genset in their Gurugram-based manufacturing facility as a real-life example, where it is successfully powering the entire factory. The installed electronic genset, which also serves as the best demo for the intended purpose, successfully runs loads of 100 KVA, including capacitive, resistive, and mixed loads.

One of the key features of Su-vastika’s Electronic Genset is its customization capabilities. The capacity can be increased or decreased per the individual’s needs. Even after the installation, the duration of its Electronic Genset can be increased or decreased by reducing the load or increasing the battery capacity. The lithium battery gets charged in 4 to 5 hours completely, so in case of intermittent power cuts, it charges quickly and is ready to give back up again.

Because Su-vastika’s Electronic Genset uses reliable and proven Lithium batteries, the life cycle of the battery is expected to last for 5 to 7 years, depending on the power cuts.

This Electronic Genset is super-clean, with no hanging wires It is completely safe, as there is no inflammable diesel to deal with or worry about electric shocks. It not only looks good but takes much less space which makes it suitable for even the tightest of corners.

Users can simply plug in and forget.  Su-vastika Electronic Genset can easily handle all your power needs for over a decade.

Over time, Suvastika’sElectronic Genset will be much more cost-effective than a diesel generator. 

Because no matter the load, a diesel generator will always use a set amount of fuel, while our Electronic Genset reduces the consumption when the load is decreased. Running on electricity charges takes one-fourth of the cost compared to diesel pricing for running the same load. With no maintenance required, it will keep adding to the savings for years.

This system can run on the solar as well by adding an MPPT Solar charge controller with the solar panels, and this system is designed to add Solar without making any changes in the system.

Su-vastika’s Electronic Genset will undoubtedly bring a massive shift in how we generate and store power.

(Source: Suvastika.com)


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