Friday, May 24

Merck Lifescience enters into strategic contract with LP Logiscience, introduces EVs for transportation

Merck Lifescience has recently signed a strategic contract with LP Logiscience, the warehousing and contract logistic arm of the legendary Liladhar Passo group, which launched its first Electric vehicle for distribution. As part of the contract, LP Logiscience will use the EVs for distribution of finished goods from their Rasayani factory, to Merck Lifescience customers, across Mumbai. The contract is a part of Merck and LP Logiscience’s commitment to achieve mutual sustainability goals and to move towards carbon-neutral distribution services.

The Inauguration of the EV vehicle happened in the presence of Andre‘ Overmeyer, Head of Global Plant Operations, Merck Lifescience, Bhushan Patil, Head, Country Procurement – India, South East Asia, and ANZ, Merck Lifesciene, Rashmi Iyer, Head of Distribution, Merck Lifescience and Varun Gada, Director, LP Logiscience. With a range of up to 150 km per charge and a payload capacity of 700 kg per trip, the launch of the EV makes LP Logiscience, one of the leading Indian players to adopt green initiatives and innovative tech-enabled operations with a focus on building carbon-neutral/ sustainable warehouses in India.

LP Logiscience was established a decade ago as the warehousing and transportation business arm of the legendary Liladhar Pasoo group and today handles warehousing space equivalent to 3 million sqft. across its Grade A complaint warehouses, with a reach of 7000+ distribution pin codes PAN India. Since its inception, LP Logiscience has registered an impressive evolution, growing at the rate of 20% – 25% YoY and has been driving the transformation of the warehousing sector in India. It is also one of the leading Indian players to adopt innovative tech-enabled operations and focus on building carbon-neutral/ sustainable warehouses in India.

Speaking about the development, Varun Gada, Director, of LP Logiscience, said, “As a company that is focused on bringing the best-in-class innovations in warehousing and contract logistic space for our clients, adopting greener practices was the next milestone. And we are happy to share the enthusiasm with our long-term client, Merck Lifescience. After working together for over 3 years now, we are excited to take our relationship to the next level through this strategic contract of green distribution through a dedicated fleet of EVs exclusively for Merck Lifescience.”

With a range of up to 150 km per charge and a payload capacity of 700 kg per trip, the EVs are equipped with a reliable and tested power management system, vehicle tracking, and tracing, and driver behaviour alerts to ensure timely and efficient delivery of goods. Additionally, LP Logiscience has also invested in research to incorporate onboard photovoltaic cells in the EVs, allowing them to charge on the go during sunlight hours, increasing the overall efficiency of the vehicle and reducing the need for grid power-supported charging, thereby inching closer to a carbon neutral transportation system.

“At LP Logiscience, we are committed to providing our clients with customized warehousing and transportation solutions backed by a green sustainable philosophy. In line with this, we aim to have a strong fleet of 30 EVs by the end of 2023. And we are happy to have embarked on this journey with Merck Lifescience as it marks an important step towards our goal of 100% green transportation by 2025,” Gada added.

Speaking about the strategic Partnership, Bhushan Patil, Head, Country Procurement – India, South East Asia, and ANZ, said, “I always encourage my team to Drive Sustainable Procurement Roadmap align with Business Priorities, under Merck Group Procurement “Think & act sustainably“ initiative. I am happy to share in the success story of Foster Carbon emission reduction with External Business Partner, LP Logiscience, who has been a trusted partner with Merck on several engagements on Warehousing, Logistics, and Distribution Projects. As a milestone, we are happy to be a part of the successful launch of the EV Vehicle distribution for our Life science Business distribution services on transportation of ‘Finish Goods’ to our customers, from the LP Logiscience warehouse in Bhiwandi, Mumbai. Fair to mention it was a quick decision with the great turnaround time from LP leadership and Operations Team to make this happen.”

LP Logiscience has been aggressively driving tech integration and adoption of green practices, by leveraging renewable energy sources like solar power for operations and rainwater harvesting. CNG vehicle deployment for last-mile deliveries is also planned so as to reduce carbon footprints through greener modes of transportation. Additionally, along with standard WMS features like inventory accuracy, inventory visibility, traceability, and location management, LP Logiscience has also created its own customized solutions for its operations and a few industry-specific solutions. Additionally, all their warehouses are cloud-connected, including handheld terminals which are used for all warehouse processes, and have a plethora of tech features. With a strong business model supported by an IT backbone and a focus on green practices, over the next 5 years, LP Logiscience aims to further accelerate digital adoption, expand the geographical reach and build state of the art, green warehousing facilities across the country, keeping in mind a growth target of CAGR 30%.


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