Sunday, June 23

Magenta Mobility Unveils PLENT: India’s First Game-Changing EV Charger with 12 Outputs, Unmatched Cost Optimization, and Cutting-Edge Safety

Magenta Mobility, one of India’s leading Electric Mobility and EV charging solution providers, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking product designed to meet the growing demand for safe, smart, and cost-optimal EV charging. PLENT sets a new standard in the charging infrastructure landscape by reducing the cost per charging point especially for fleet operators and residential societies. It is India’s only EV charger with 12 charging outputs of 3.3 kW each, catering to multiple EVs simultaneously, offering unmatched cost-per-charging socket ratio.

Developed specifically for Indian EV users, PLENT caters to the unique requirements of the Indian market. With charging times ranging from 3 to 3.5 hours, minimal downtime, competitive pricing, and exceptional performance and quality, it efficiently caters to the needs of electric 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, and 4-wheeler chargings. It comprises a Central Control Unit (CCU) as the charger’s brain, working in harmony with twelve Dispensing Units (DPUs), which serve as the heart of the charger. This intelligent setup ensures efficient and hassle-free charging for electric vehicle fleet operators.

Safety and security are paramount in PLENT’s design. It incorporates system-level temperature monitoring and power and protection features guaranteeing optimal charging performance while ensuring an unmatched level of safety during the charging process without the need for additional switchgear.

Moreover, PLENT excels in compatibility and connectivity. Compliant with OCPP 1.6 standards, it seamlessly connects with various charging networks, ensuring interoperability. Additionally, it has other benefits like over-the-air (OTA) updates, 7” touch display enhancing usability and ensuring that charging stations are always equipped with the latest enhancements and features. The real-time data tracking and storage capabilities enable effortless analysis and monitoring of charging logs, allowing for efficient management of charging operations.

“We are excited to introduce PLENT which is a short form for Plenty. It is a revolutionary multi-charging product meticulously engineered in-house with remarkable features to enhance the EV charging experience while addressing the unique requirements of the Indian market. By empowering EV users and contributing to the development of sustainable transportation, Magenta Mobility reinforces its commitment to Building India’s Safest & Smartest Electric Mobility Ecosystem” said Maxson Lewis, Founder and Director of Magenta Mobility, while launching the product.

PLENT’s remarkable features including the ability to charge 12 EVs simultaneously along with safety measures, user-friendly interface, and low cost of operation make it an ideal choice for charge point operators, fleet operators, community parking bays, and residential complexes.


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