Tuesday, May 28

Goldi Solar Forays into the Inverter Business, Introduces VAMA On-Grid Smart String Inverters for Residential, and C&I Consumers

( In the photograph, L to R, Capt Ishver Dholakiya, Founder & Managing Director, Goldi Solar, Ms Vama Dholakiya, Mr Bharat Bhut, Co-Founder & Director and Mr Hardip Singh, President & Global Head, Sa)

Goldi Solar, India’s leading solar brand known for its unwavering commitment to quality, is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of its VAMAOn-grid range of smart stringinverters. The inverterrange is available in single-phase and three-phase variants designed specifically for on-grid applications. VAMA inverters cater to the diverse needs of residential and C&I consumers.

Capt. Ishver Dholakiya, Founder & Managing Director of Goldi Solar & VAMA Inverters, expressed his enthusiasm, stating,

“We are thrilled to foray into the on-grid solar inverter business as the future of solar adoption in India holds immense promise, driven by government and mounting environmental concerns. VAMA represents perfection; our high-performance HELOCĀ® Pro & Plus PV modules and smart, efficient VAMA inverter technology will help businesses and residential customers to adopt solar energy solutions and contribute towards the greener tomorrow.”

Bharat Bhut, Co-Founder & Director of Goldi Solar & VAMA Inverters, added,

“Goldi is known for its Zero Toleranceprocessesto control the quality of its products and services. We are confident that VAMAInverters will redefine the adoption of solar energy in the country and bring out the best from the PV modules with its Unique Heat Sink and Cooling Fin design technology. This technology increases surface area for heat transfer and enhances product performance. Also, our IEC-certified inverters meet international standards, reinforcing Goldi’s commitment to delivering top-quality solar solutions from India to the world.”

VAMA On-grid Inverters integrate advanced DSP Control Technology, guaranteeing higher efficiency of up to 98.6%. The safety and reliability of the product have been kept in focus through its transformer-less design and comprehensive software and hardware protections. This range features a smart liquid-crystal display. Wi-Fi/GPRS enables consumers can do real-time remote monitoring and track the performance of the PV modules. With an IP65 protection level, the inverters ensure durability and longevity, even in challenging environmental conditions.The range comes with a standard seven-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


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