Sunday, June 23

Goldi Solar to Solarise homes of 41 rescued Uttarkashi workers, offers hope for a brighter future

With the nation celebrating safe returns of the 41 workers who were trapped in Uttarkashi for 17 days, Goldi Solar, India’s quality-conscious solar brand, has stepped forward to support the affected families and individuals. The Surat-based solar company has taken the initiative to power the residence of the workers with solar energy.

Goldi Solar aims to provide a pathway towards an improved lifestyle by expressing its commitment to supporting these families. With this initiative, the company intends to ensure access to electricity, enabling better lifestyles for all the families.

Capt. Ishver Dholakiya, Founder & Managing Director of Goldi Solar, said,

“The safe return of all these individuals brings us immense joy. Our initiative to provide support is a step towards empowering these families with access to sustainable electricity, offering hope for a brighter future. Goldi Solar is committed to helpingunderprivileged communities and contributing to their well-being.”

The company has a longstanding tradition of array of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to uplift communities. Goldi Solar has empowered numerous lives in parts of India through various programs focusing on education, skill development, and sustainable living. These initiatives taken by the firm testify to the company’s ethos of contributing to society and striving to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people beyond the realms of business.


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