Wednesday, July 17

Freyr Energy Unveils New Logo Amid Decade Anniversary and Expansion

Freyr Energy, a leader in India’s rooftop solar industry, is marking its 10th anniversary with a rebranding initiative. Over the past decade, Freyr Energy has transformed the solar landscape with innovative solutions, broadening its reach and achieving significant milestones.

“According to Radhika Choudary, Co-Founder & Director of Freyr Energy, the path to embracing solar power is now more accessible than ever. With over a decade in rooftop solar, our commitment to delivering clean, cost-effective energy remains unwavering. We take pride in our achievements and are driven to continue leading the way in sustainable energy solutions.”

As part of the rebranding exercise, the company’s comprehensive solar solution is now being rechristened as the Freyr Energy App (formerly SunPro+ App). This app offers an all-in-one solution: educating customers about solar energy, enabling seamless order booking, tracking project progress, facilitating online payments, monitoring energy generation post-installation, and providing round-the-clock service requests.

Freyr Energy has solidified its position as one of India’s leading residential rooftop solar providers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Recently Freyr Energy expanded its operations into Kerala in 2023 and by mid-2024, the company plans to extend its operations to Uttar Pradesh further. With over 5,000 customers and an installed capacity exceeding 60 MW, Freyr Energy continues to deliver high-quality, end-to-end solar solutions, ensuring a consistent and exceptional customer experience across India.
Freyr Energy’s new logo, symbolizing a refreshed outlook on green energy, celebrates a decade of achievements and the satisfaction of over 5,000 customers. The infinity symbol in the logo represents the boundless potential of solar energy, while the green and blue colors reflect the company’s commitment to a sustainable future and liberation from conventional energy sources.


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