Wednesday, July 17

Zendure Showcases Innovative Solar Power Solutions at Intersolar Europe in Munich

Zendure, the fastest-growing clean energy tech startup, shows its latest portable, solar power solutions at Intersolar Europe in Munich, the Premier Global Solar Industry Event, from June 14-16, 2023.

Zendure presents its latest innovations at Booth B0.336 during Intersolar Europe. Among the showcased products are SolarFlow, a plug-and-play storage system designed for harnessing balcony solar energy, and SuperBase V, the first modular, portable power station featuring semi-solid-state batteries for safer and cleaner solutions.


Zendure SolarFlow is a user-friendly plug & play storage system that can be easily installed, assembled, and disassembled in just a few steps. Available as a complete package with a solar panel and micro-inverter from Zendure, it is compatible with existing balcony solar panels.

The SolarFlow PV hub boasted an 800W output, intelligent battery management system, and LFP batteries storing energy during the daytime. Each individual battery has a capacity of 960Wh and can wirelessly connect to up to four batteries, expanding maximum capacity to 3840Wh.


Zendure SuperBase V features industry-leading semi-solid-state batteries with higher energy density and superior damage resistance. With customizable power options from 6.4kWh to 64kWh, it can power a typical household for a week or more. Additionally, it’s the first and only system to provide dual voltage(120V/240V) from a single base unit, simplifying simultaneous charging for small and large appliances.

“We are happy to present our products and visions at Intersolar in Munich,” said Bryan Liu, CEO and founder of Zendure, “We champion innovative, reliable, and affordable sustainable energy solutions.” He also urged individuals and businesses to embrace energy consciousness and make sustainable choices to unlock the full potential of a greener world.


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