Tuesday, July 16

Smart Energy Podcast- In Conversation with Samrat Sengupta, VP Business Development, EKI Energy Services Ltd

In this episode of the Smart Energy Podcast, Smart Sengupta- VP- Business Development, EK Energy Services Ltd shares his views on carbon markets and how carbon credits can help businesses and organisations to achieve their net-zero ambitions. He decodes the net-zero targets announced by the GoI and the role of solar and renewable energy in achieving the targets. He also shares the community-driven approach undertaken by EKI Energy Services that addresses the needs of the communities and concerns related to the environment. He also expresses his views on the recently amended energy conservation bill 2022 and the role of technology in tackling climate change. Tune in to listen to the podcast and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share the podcast with your industry colleagues.

For any questions related to the conversation in the podcast send a mail on santosh.smartenergy@gmail.com

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