Friday, June 21

SkySpecs Acquires i4SEE

SkySpecs, a global leader in wind energy technology, has acquired i4SEE, a leader in fully automated wind turbine data analytics and fleet optimisation. The combined entity brings together world-class data insight and automation to help wind farm owners and operators to optimally invest in, maintain, and manage their assets for sustainable returns.

“Our global customers are facing critical challenges when it comes to budgeting and maximising the life and returns of their assets as the wind industry matures,” said Danny Ellis, CEO of SkySpecs. “We are thrilled to join forces with i4SEE to deliver more actionable insights and equip global wind customers with the tools to make data-driven decisions while keeping a pulse on their assets’ health and performance.”
By adding i4SEE’s augmented intelligence capabilities to the SkySpecs portfolio, we will be able to provide many key benefits to wind farm owners and operators, such as:

Actionable insights that drive actual cost savings: By combining the data and analytics of SkySpecs and i4SEE, we are able to leverage multiple information flows (blade inspection data, drivetrain CMS, SCADA analytics, and more) to ensure maximum information is extracted and translated into actionable insights that allow you to take control of your O&M spend.
Valuable information to help quantify and manage asset risks: Together, SkySpecs and i4SEE can provide advanced analytics and augmented intelligence to enable early warning with less noise, allowing you to make confident, data-driven decisions.
Earlier and more accurate fault detection to reduce downtime: By detecting failures as early as possible, your team gains valuable time to diagnose, inspect, and schedule repair of wind turbines in a way that is most cost-effective and before the equipment loses performance.

“We are excited about joining forces with SkySpecs. To solve the problems of wind farm owners and operators today, data acquisition and capture isn’t enough. The value is in the insights we can help give our customers from that data and the prioritisation of decisions and steps they should take to help manage their risk,” added Christopher Gray, CEO of i4SEE. “Joining with SkySpecs will enable us to leverage the volume of data that SkySpecs has and deliver actionable insights to the market at scale for the greatest performance impact.”

As the wind industry matures and assets age, there is an urgent need for wind farm owners, operators, and OEMs to seek out data-driven predictive insights and automation to best manage operating expenses, extend asset life, and realise optimal total production.


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