Thursday, July 18

PIXON and Munich RE: A Powerful Partnership

In a significant development, PIXON, a leading solar module manufacturer, has proudly announced Munich RE, one of the world’s leading reinsurers, as their official warranty partner for solar modules. This partnership marks a significant step forward for both companies, combining PIXON’s state-of-the-art solar module manufacturing technology with Munich RE’s renowned risk management and insurance expertise. The collaboration aims to provide customers with enhanced reliability and peace of mind, bolstering the solar industry’s commitment to sustainability and longevity.

PIXON has emerged as a trusted name in the solar sector, renowned for its high-performance and durable solar modules. Recently, PIXON has expanded its manufacturing line to a staggering 1 GW capacity, incorporating its State-of-the-art European technology to produce cutting-edge multi-Busbar solar modules. This new manufacturing line is capable of manufacturing M6, M10, and M12 modules, offering power output of up to 600 Wp and an efficiency rate of 21.20%.

This expansion is set to propel the company to new heights in the renewable energy market while making clean energy more accessible and efficient than ever before.PIXON’s modules have consistently exceeded industry standards, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial solar projects.

A Strategic Collaboration:

By joining forces, PIXON and Munich RE are leveraging their respective strengths to provide an unmatched warranty program for solar modules. PIXON’s advanced technology, combined with Munich RE’s risk assessment capabilities, ensures that customers can have complete confidence in the longevity and performance of their solar installations.

Advancing Solar Industry Standards:

By collaborating with Munich RE, PIXON is setting a new benchmark for module warranties in the solar industry. The partnership signifies a shared vision of driving sustainability, innovation, and reliability within the renewable energy sector. It serves as a testament to PIXON’s commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations while Munich RE’s involvement assures the long-term viability and protection of solar investments.

This collaboration allows customers to enjoy warranty coverage and enhanced peace of mind, further solidifying the solar industry’s commitment to reliability and sustainability.


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