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Grundfos’ ground-breaking initiative iTruck drives towards Carbon Neutral Industries

In a world that’s becoming increasingly conscious of environmental responsibility and technological advancement, Grundfos, a global leader in intelligent and energy-efficient pumping solutions, is driving change with its ground-breaking initiative – the Grundfos iTruck Drive. This unique campaign reflects Grundfos’ unyielding determination to sustainability and innovation, and it’s poised to reshape the industry as we know it.

Commencing earlier this year, the roadshow has traversed more than 25 cities,engaging over 2000relevant audienceacross diverse industries. Recently in Ahmedabad, the truck opened its doors to visitors from various industries and experts,providing them with first-handexperience of Grundfos’ sustainable pump solutions. Departing from Ahmedabad, the truck is set to journey through an additional 25 cities,covering Gujarat and Maharashtra, and progressing south to Karnataka by end January 2024. At each stop, our experts and technical teams will showcase ourtechnology and share success stories.

The Grundfos iTruck isn’t merely an ordinary innovation hub; it’s a champion for reducing carbon footprint. By bringing the showcase directly to your doorstep, Grundfos envisions a significant reduction of 33,500 Kg in potential carbon emissions and athreefold increase in target audience compared to conventional events. This underscores the company’s steadfast dedication to fulfilling its Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi) promises, steering a carbon- neutralfuture.

Grundfos’ iTruck displays a range of intelligent and energy-efficient pumping solutions tailored to meet diverse industrial needs. During iTruck visits, technical specialists provide in-depth explanations,enabling a deeper understanding of the purpose and science behind the products.Having already visited New Delhi and Jaipur,the iTruck is en route to South India, covering the major tier 1, tier 2 cities like Mysore, Coimbatore, and Vizag in the coming days. Later in the year the iTruck will showcase its products to the audience in Indore, Jamshedpur, and Patna.

To inquire about the city-wise stopover schedule, call 9840987083 or follow #GrundfosOnTheGo on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Grundfos’ mission on the Net-Zero way is crystal clear: unfurl the canvas of energy-efficient marvels, illuminate their pocket-friendly prowess, and lead the way to a net-zero horizon by 2050. With resolute commitment, Grundfos confronts Scope 1, 2, and the notorious 99% Scope 3 emissions, aiming to carve them down by 50% and 25% by 2030, respectively.

“With the Grundfos iTruck Drive campaign, we embark on an unparalleled journey, fusing sustainability and innovation into a mobile showcase of cutting-edge solutions. As we roll through cities and towns, the #SustainableInnovationDrive unfolds, symbolizing our dedication to a net-zero horizon by 2050. The iTruck introduces a range of intelligent and energy-efficient pumping solutions, allowing us to engage with industrial partners and showcase real-life applications, affirming that every drop and innovation collectively holds the power to etch an enduring transformation,” says Shankar Rajaram, Sales Director – Industry, Grundfos India.

The campaign goes beyond the theoretical, spotlighting real case studies that vividly illustrate how Grundfos pumps have made a substantial difference for businesses and OEMs, exemplifying the practical applications of their solutions.


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