Sunday, May 26

Evnnovator and CHARGE+Zone partners with Mercedes-Benz India to deliver an industry-first EV charging solutions

Evnnovator and CHARGE+ZONE, two of the fastest-growing eMSP and Charge Point Operating entities in India, have collaborated with country’s most aspirational luxury car maker, Mercedes-Benz; to deliver an industry-first vertically integrated end-to-end EV charging solution. This charging solution is tailored specifically for Mercedes-Benz customers. Mercedes-Benz has the largest luxury OEM backed charging infrastructure in the country.

Evnnovator’s innovative eMSP platform offers FICH EV Charging App, empowering users to seamlessly locate, access, and pay for charging services offered by multiple Charge Point Operators (CPOs) through a single platform. On the other hand, CHARGE+ZONE operates Charge Cloud, a cloud-based Charging Management Software. It effectively integrates high-speed EV chargers from the Mercedes-Benz Franchise Network and establishes seamless connectivity with Evnnovator’s eMSP platform.

Mercedes-Benz’s existing charging network is now seamlessly integrated with over 150 DC Fast Charging stations and 100+ Type 2 Chargers already operating on Evnnovator’s eMSP platform. This integration results in a robust network of approximately 500 charging points accessible nationwide through the FICH app.

As a part of their commitment towards sustainable mobility, Mercedes-Benz India has opened its Franchise Charging Network to other OEMs and provided them access to the charging infrastructure at Mercedes-Benz Franchise DC Charging stations across India.

“Mercedes-Benz is on its way to an electric future in India, and creating convenient charging solutions for customers, is key enabler for this seamless transition. We have collaborated with Evnnovator, onboarding the charging infrastructure of our Franchise Partners across India, on their FICH application. This state-of-the-art application ensures seamless access to our pan-India fast charging solutions, driving customer convenience and peace of mind. We have opened our charging infrastructure to all EV users through this app.” Santosh Iyer, MD & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India.

In response to this significant milestone, Mr. Rai Nitin Chitransh, the Founder of Evnnovator, expressed his enthusiasm and vision, stating,

“We are truly delighted to embark on this groundbreaking partnership with Mercedes-Benz India and CHARGE+ZONE. Our primary objective is to offer our valued customers a seamless and hassle-free EV charging experience. With the integration of our innovative eMSP platform and the user-friendly FICH app, we empower users to effortlessly access a diverse array of charging options, all consolidated within a unified and user-friendly interface. This means that whether our customers are seeking a charging point from various Charge Point Operators (CPOs) or navigating the complexities of the EV charging landscape, our platform simplifies the process, ensuring a convenient and efficient experience. We believe that this partnership represents the future of EV charging in India, one that prioritizes accessibility, convenience, and sustainability.”

The FICH app is readily available for download on both the App Store and Play Store for Mercedes-Benz customers as well as other EV users.

Mr. Kartikey Hariyani, the CEO of CHARGE+ZONE, emphasized the significance of this collaboration by stating,

“The collaboration with Mercedes-Benz India and Evnnovator represents a major step forward in the evolution of EV charging infrastructure in India. Our shared objective is to provide a vertically integrated charging solution that not only meets the present needs but is also robust and scalable to accommodate the anticipated growth in EV adoption. By combining the strengths of Mercedes-Benz India’s extensive Franchise DC Charging Network, Evnnovator’s cutting-edge eMSP platform, and our Charge Cloud technology, we have laid the foundation for an advanced and sustainable EV charging ecosystem in India. We firmly believe that this partnership will not only meet the current demand but will also pave the way for the future expansion of the EV charging network, supporting India’s transition towards a greener and more electrified future.”


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